Duncan McDougall

Freelance Web Developer based in Annan, Scotland

Who's New at the Zoo in for Review

Coach Marks

Game Scores - Now with added zeros

My First Game - January Progress Update

Uploading Corona SDK Builds To TestFlight

How to convert a corona build to an .ipa and upload to TestFlight

Coin Graphics I Whipped Up Free Download

iPhone Platform Game Controls

When building a mobile game there are lots of choice for how the controls works. Here's a few.

Early Draft Character Design

Draft designs for my fast switching character game.

Awesome Free iOS Design Resources

Some great free resources for designing and building iPhone apps.

Elements of Successful iPhone Games

I study some of the most popular mobile games and pick out common features that contribute to their addictiveness and success.

Many To Many Mapping in Fluent NHibernate

Code snippet for mapping two classes in Fluent NHibernate using a many to many relation.

How to Remove ETags in IIS6

Performance tools such as YSlow & WebPageTest recommend you disable ETags. This is how to do it in IIS6.

The Benefits of Google AJAX Libraries

Let Google serve up your JavaScript libraries to improve performance and other benefits.

Delay Loading The Print Stylesheet

Improve percieve page load time by delaying the downloading of the print stylesheet using JavaScript.