Who's New at the Zoo in for Review

Posted by Duncan McDougall on March 3, 2012

My first iPhone/iPad game, Who’s New at the Zoo?, has been submitted to Apple for review. If all goes to plan it will be hitting the App Store March 14th (2012).

Who's New at the Zoo

Who’s New at the Zoo is a puzzle game for young children which focuses on improving concentration and memory skills. The game is set at a zoo. Every day a new animal moves in. It is your job to remember who you have seen before and pick out who is new.

I’ve set up a Facebook page to post regular updates and get feedback if you have any. This is my first game so all feedback will be extra appreciated.

It’s been a real eye opening experience testing the game. My friends were more than willing to help out by playing and passing it over to their kids. I’ll cover more of this in a future post. A massive thanks goes out to everyone who took the time to help me out.

If you’re reading this after the 14th you should be to  download the app.

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