Eight Handy Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Posted by Duncan McDougall on October 2, 2012

Everybody loves a good ‘Top X of Y’ post. This one lists my favourite Chrome web development extensions.

1. Web Developer

Back when I was all about Firefox I loved this extension. Finding it had been ported to Chrome was a knee slide moment. This extension offers a collection of helpful helper tasks only a click away. These include disabling JavaScript, display all image alt attributes, clear the cache, display a ruler, resize to specific dimensions, and a tonne more.

Web Developer options

2. JSONView

Simply styles JSON output into a nicely readable and collapsible view.

3. YSlow

Grade you’re pages against performance best practices. Suggestions are offered to help you speed up for site as well as a break down of components and a bunch of stats. Warning: it can become very easy to get hooked chasing an grade A.

Web site performance grading

4. Screen Capture

Captures visible area only, whole page or a selected area.

5. User Agent Spoofer

Adds a drop down list of browsers/devices. Allows you to view UA specific versions of sites e.g. view mobile version by spoofing an iPhone 4. 

User Agent Spoofing options

6. Chrome Sniffer

This one tries to detect what CMS and libraries make up a site. Icons are added into the address bar. 

Chrome Sniffer Extension showing Mashable.com

7. Umbraco Developer Extension

This one is great for debugging Umbraco sites. At the click of a button it will add ?umbDebugShowTrace=true to the URL and display the trace to the button. It also offers a quick link to login to the back end.

Umbraco extension options

8. Lorem Ipsum Generator

Pretty standard. You know the score with this one.

Chrome Web Store has it’s own section for dev tools if you’re interested in finding more.

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