Mountain Lion Update Disappointment

Posted by Duncan McDougall on August 24, 2012

For £13 I wasn’t expecting any of the 200 additions to blow my mind. I’ve not felt I’ve made use the Facebook, Game Center and sharing stuff yet to even feel I got my small amount of moneys worth. It wasn’t a bank breaking purchase so I wasn’t too fussed. That was until I noticed a couple of things that made me really wish I hadn’t updated.

The battery life took a noticeable hit from updating. It appears to be a wide spread problem as recorded here. Thursdays minor upgrade, v10.8.1, seems to have clawed a wee bit of time back. Unfortunately, we’re still no where near getting the time available pre-Mountain Lion. On the bright side it has been reported Apple are well on there way with 10.8.2 so I’m hopeful this will go towards getting back to the good old days.

Another change iOS developers may have really found inconvenient is the removal of old simulators from the latest XCode. If building iPhone apps and you’re supporting devices rocking an OS prior to v5.0 you’re going to need to get it installed on a real device. Unfortunately there is no option on Mountain Lion to install an older version of XCode to get it back.

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