My First iPhone Game - Five Months On

Posted by Duncan McDougall on August 25, 2012

Earlier this year, in just over a fortnight’s worth of nights after work, I built to completion my first iPhone game. Who’s New at the Zoo┬áis a simple who-have-you-seen-before type game for young kids.

Initially charging 69p, sales have been nothing to brag about but it was enough for a sausage roll and strawberry tart from Greggs. I was delighted to nab a top of the page spot on the kids section in iTunes. Unfortunately this didn’t seem to boost sales at all but it was cool somebody at Apple picked me out none the less.

Eventually sales slumped down to one or two a day while still sitting at 69p. I quickly kicked it down to free. After all, what’s cooler? Having one new person a day play your game and make a measly 30p after Apple’s cut and tax or getting a whole school bus worth* downloading it for free and having a play?

It wasn’t a profitable project financially given the Corona SDK license and the annoying music costs but it was a cool wee project and I’ve enjoyed getting the App Annie emails every day telling me how many new people have tried my game out.

* Single decker. No standing in the aisles.

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