But won't someone steal my idea?

Posted by Duncan McDougall on August 25, 2012

Hamburglar I’ve seen this type of question pop up many times on forums over the last few weeks. Creators are worried that marketing a game prior to launch will lead to someone stealing their idea and swiping customers out from under them. My response usually goes along the lines of ‘Chillaaaaaax’.

If you’ve built most of the game and are generating enough hype then you’re already a many steps ahead of your imitator.

Odds are on your side too. Say you produce a short trailer of your creation.  If that video gets 100,000 views and one viewer decides to steal your idea then you’ve still promoted your copy to 99,000 people who could well purchase a copy. Yes this doesn’t apply to the big boy companies but the chances are still relatively slim.

If it’s a good enough concept, someone is going to take inspiration from it. Maybe not pre launch, but certainly once you’ve got it live. Pick any random iPhone best seller. Look hard enough and someone has probably launched a near replica. It’s quite flattering really. If it’s an interesting enough mechanic but your not showing it, then you’re really limiting the amount of hype you can generate.

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