Duncan McDougall

Freelance Web Developer based in Annan, Scotland

Debugging LESS with dotLESS

How to trace back compiled CSS to less files when using dotLESS.

Website Speed and Analytic Metrics

A brief look at how website performance influences the stats found in Google Analytics.

Umbraco Instance Log Out Issue

A fix for Umbraco login automatic log out issue. Spoiler - it's a HTTPS cookie thing.

Polishing Guitar Frets

A quick and easy way to get you guitar frets shine back using household items.

Fix Jaggy Edges on Rotate Images in Chrome

A CSS3 fix for jaggy edges issue in webkit on rotated content.

My Favourite Web Development Podcasts

I listen to the odd web development podcast from time to time. Here are a few I recommend.

Eight Handy Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

A small collection of most useful Chrome extensions for web developers and designers.

Mobile App Design Freebies

My First iPhone Game - Five Months On

Five months ago I launched my first iPhone game, Who's New at the Zoo. This is a look back at how the app performed.

But won't someone steal my idea?

Many developers stress that marketing a product weeks before launch will result in their idea being stolen. I say don't worry.

Mountain Lion Update Disappointment

iOS Date Parsing Issue

Disable Bouncing Scroll Effect in PhoneGap [iOS]

By default PhoneGap apps have a sort of elasticy pull down effect. This can be disabled from cordova.plist.

The Making of an iPhone Game for Kids.

A recount of my experience making an iPhone game for aimed at you children built over a couple of weeks.

Who's New at the Zoo? - Official Trailer

View the official trailer for Who's New at the Zoo?. Released 14th March 2012.